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    When Wilhelm Wendt started Stensmlla Kemiska Tekniska Industri in Sweden in the late 1800s, he did not envision his company developing one of the worlds best known floor coverings. The company, now known as Perstorp, first produced acetic acid, tar, charcoal and wood alcohol. In the 1920s, Perstorp developed tabletop laminates, which in turn led to their 1977 development of the first laminate flooring. The product was initially marketed in Sweden in 1984. In 1989 the product was named Pergo, a combination of the first three letters of Perstorp and the first two letters of golv, the Swedish word for flooring. Perstorp introduced Pergo to the United States in 1994 then opened a flooring factory in Garner, NC in 1996. In 2001 Pergo was established as an independent company, exclusively manufacturing laminate flooring. Although laminate flooring is their only product, Pergo offers an extensive selection of wood shades and grains, plus several shades of stone. Depending on the product line, installation is by a glue-together or no-glue, click-together method.