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    Since its inception in 1946, Barlinek S.A. has grown to become one of the three largest flooring manufacturers in Europe. The company is well known for its extraordinary quality and extensive line of engineered flooring, offered in a wide variety of traditional and exotic hardwoods. The Barlinek production facilities are among the most modern and environmentally friendly in the world. As a winner of several awards and a recipient of certificates attesting to their environmental consciousness, Barlinek demonstrates their worthiness through participation in the One for One program. For each package of flooring sold, Barlinek plants a tree in what is known as the Customers Forest. As of this writing, due to the popularity of their flooring throughout Scandinavia, Europe and the United States, they have planted well over one and a quarter million trees. The popularity of Barlinek flooring is not only because of its beauty and durability, but because of its quick and easy installation with the no-glue Barclick method. Additionally, all Barlinek products are hypoallergenic and backed by a 25-year warranty