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    Alloc has made it possible to enjoy the beauty of natural flooring (hardwood, tile and stone), without having to endure the obstacles, wear and tear, price and difficult installation process. The vast laminate flooring line offered by Alloc is ideally suited for both commercial and residential settings. Each flooring product captures the essence of its natural counterpart, as a result of the refined printing and imaging technologies that Alloc has embraced and integrated over the years.

    By choosing Alloc laminate flooring, consumers are choosing a step toward more eco-friendly flooring. Alloc uses sawdust and wood scraping to help create their flooring. 100% of the companys waste is reused as energy, and all of Allocs aluminum and packaging comes from recycled materials. With Alloc, you can have the floor you always wanted, without the hassle, expense, or negative impact on the environment.

    Alloc Original Natural Masari

    $77.23 $7.70

    Alloc Original Portland Oak

    $77.23 $7.70

    Alloc Original Smoked Oak

    $77.23 $7.70

    Alloc Original Stockholm Oak

    $77.23 $7.70

    Alloc Original Summer Oak

    $77.23 $7.70

    Alloc Original Vintage Maple

    $77.23 $7.70

    Alloc Original white vintage oak

    $77.23 $7.70

    Alloc-City Scapes

    From $27.56

    Alloc-City Scapes Plus

    From $30.32

    Alloc-Commercial Narrow Plank

    From $86.03

    Alloc-Commercial Wide Plank

    From $82.82


    From $71.46


    From $69.61